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usa garden slogan
USA Gardens is symbolic of preciousness, luxury and elegance which are reflected amply in the cuisine and the décor of the restaurant. It serves up stylishly crafted culinary fare in a sophisticated setting.

Food Concept…
USA Gardens has taken Indian food to a different dimension with new techniques, innovative presentations and usage of organic produce and spices. They have reinvented Indian food with unusual creations and pairings thus creating an exclusive gourmet dining experience. The menu is a rich accumulation of Indian recipes evolved to the next level of modernity and served in pre plated portions.

Each dish is a craft in itself with different flavours permeating to its core. USA Gardens retains the Indian traditional way of cooking while using exotic ingredients like sea bass, diver’s scallops, goose liver, halibut, sand crab and Karachi prawns.

The restaurant offers the mix of Indian classical dishes as well as new innovative creations from across the nation. This gourmet paradise reflects flavors of India in a contemporary way, served in a gourmet dining ambience.

Star Attractions…
The dessert station as a show kitchen is certain to be a visual treat for the guests. A kulfi trolley, a masala tea creme brulee, an ice cream bombe with baileys rabdi will be the dessert cynosure. Like nowhere else, the restaurant will offer unique pairing of desserts with teas.

Modern crockery, elegant presentations, balanced meals and the very much Indian flavours would be the features of this new wave Indian restaurant.

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